December 31st, Day 366 – THE END!!!

Well, there you go! After 12 months I’ve actually FINISHED! I can’t believe that I’ve managed to pull this off, not missing a single day during the whole year. I’ll be making a PDF booklet of all the images posted, and will make a single huge upload of all the music (175 tracks, just short of 12 hours worth of new music!)

So, anyway, I asked on Facebook what I should finish with…..

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 19.36.06


Who am I to deny my wife? I present the final piece for the ‘A Thing A Day Project 2012’ – Doctor Who holding a penguin in a blonde wig –




And that’s it!

December 26th, Day 360

It’s my birthday, I’m 40. Eek




Some art in front of some books I bought for Kat that she now feels she can’t give away due to being gifts. What can I say? She wanted to read the Twishite books, and I thought I was being nice….